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Grievance Policy and Procedures

At CARE for Children, families are a vital component in support of the mission and are encouraged to be involved in CARE’s service delivery, which is based on the principles of equity and accountability. This means that families have the right to comment on or appeal against any action or decision which has consequences for themselves and/or their child. Each family has a right to a positive response from CARE- its staff and management – to meeting the family’s particular needs.

CARE seeks to balance the interests of the child, the family and its staff. In some instances, parents may make demands which cannot be fully met or which seem unreasonable given the need to also balance the rights of other families or even their own child. Parents may need to accept a compromise, or may need to accept their needs cannot be met by CARE for Children. The goal of the grievance process is for CARE to be responsive to the needs and concerns of its families and children receiving services while adhering to established policies and procedures; and to protect the rights of the staff.

CARE for Children’s grievance procedure is formal recognition, promotion and protection of each family’s rights:


If appropriate and family members feels comfortable doing so, the family may approach the staff member involved and if needed set a time where the matter can be discussed appropriately. Complaints at this level will normally be resolved by discussion and clarification of the needs or wishes of the family or by clarification by the staff member of CARE’s procedures or policies. The complaint and its outcome will be documented.


The family may choose to directly address the grievance to the executive director. If another staff member is approached they will immediately refer the family to the executive director. The executive director will research the grievance/situation and work towards reaching a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved. Again grievances at this level will normally be resolved by discussion and clarification of the needs or wishes of the family or by clarification by the executive director of CARE procedures or policies. Resolution may also involve the development of new policy if it is a situation that has not been addressed. The executive director will follow up all grievances with a written letter to the grievant and document all pertinent information.


Families are entitled to appeal any decision made by the executive director. Such appeals will be made to the board of directors. The board will conduct further review, final disposition, and a written follow-up letter to the grievant.


Please contact Executive Director, Tina M. Martin at (814)-362-4621 if you have any questions or concerns regarding CARE’s grievance procedure.