Summer Early Learning


CARE For Children realizes that Early Learning never stops.

Summer Day Camp will focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Activities and promote Early Literacy.  Fun activities, special guests and outdoor play on our brand new playground which we will use as an outdoor classroom.  Your child does not need to be enrolled for the school year to attend!


Fun Summer Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Child:

  • Pick your own fruit or vegetables… Find a farm with blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, etc., and get picking.
  • Play outside in the rain. Smell the rain on the pavement; splash in puddles; make mud pies.
  • Run through sprinklers. Or spray each other with the hose.
  • Go to the Library.  The library is not just books!  Story-time; learning activities; and technology.
  • Cook out. Go beyond the burgers. Try veggies or fish. The kids might like them!
  • Make s’mores. Chocolate + marshmallow + graham cracker
  • Camp out. First-timers, try backyard camping.
  • Camp in. Put the sleeping bags on the floor and have a family slumber party.
  • Build a fort. Try pillows in the living room or cardboard boxes in the yard.
  • Catch lightning bugs. And then watch them flicker away into the night.
  • Stop to smell the flowers.
  • Talk to the animals. Take a trip to the zoo or local petting zoo.
  • Take advantage of local state parks.
  • Pack a picnic. And plop down to eat it just about anywhere, at a free concert, in a state park or in your own backyard.
  • Dig in the sand. Dig at the lake, beach or a sandbox. Create different types of sand castles.
  • Go to a nearby museum that you’ve never been to before. Remember we have the Zippo museum and the oil museum nearby.
  • Decorate your sidewalks or driveway with chalk.
  • Take a hike. Choose a route near your house or take a drive to a more distant park.
  • Make fresh lemonade.
  • Go to the drive-in. Every kid should go to the drive-in at least once!
  • Teach the kids a game you haven’t played since you were a kid.
  • Meet friends at the playground.
  • Take bike rides for fun. Either leave from your own house or drive to biking trails.
  • Blow bubbles. You can make your own bubble mixture: 1 cup water -2 tablespoons light karo syrup or 2 tablespoons glycerin -4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid.
  • Play miniature golf.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Run in the yard. Kickball, T-ball, Frisbee and tag will keep you moving.
  • Visit a local farmers market. And feast on the fruits and veggies of the season.
  • Make play dough creations. Then rip them up and do it again.
  • Teach the kids to skip stones.
  • Play HORSE. With little ones, set up a mini basketball net next to the real one.
  • Create a treasure hunt for the kids.
  • Put up a bird feeder. And watch the show from your window.
  • Make music. Either make your own instruments or play traditional ones.
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