Preschool Philosophy

The educational philosophy adopted by Rainbow Corner Preschool seeks to meet each individual child’s needs in the least restrictive environment. The school environment is set up to promote curiosity and discovery and is accessible to all children. Our goal is to encourage spontaneous learning. Each center in the room is set up to encourage children to explore and promote learning in cognitive, language, social, fine and gross motor development. The classroom provides a safe, happy atmosphere where children feel secure enough to share their accomplishments, failures, and feelings thus developing positive self-esteem while nurturing a joy of learning.

The curriculum used by Rainbow Corner revolves around thematic units that are of interest to the students but also correlates with the academic standards set by the State of Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. The day is divided between teacher-directed learning and child-initiated learning experiences. The curriculum is challenging enough for all children on their own individual level and adaptations are made when necessary. Children are provided a curriculum that pushes them to excel but does not frustrate them or lower their self-esteem. Through the curriculum we engage children in learning. We encourage each child to feel pride in their individual accomplishments.

The needs of children with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) are, to the greatest extent possible, addressed in the everyday curriculum of the classroom. While children are engaged in exploratory learning the preschool staff is available to answer questions and help guide them through the learning process. The classroom has a wide variety of books available and fostering a love of learning and reading are important components of our program.

At Rainbow Corner Preschool, we believe we are shaping the minds of the future. It is our responsibility to set a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that will meet the needs of every child, so that one day they will become self confident, contributing members of society.



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