Meet the Teachers

Kimberly Engstrom, M.Ed.
Preschool Director/ Teacher
“I went to work for CARE for Children because CARE stands for the same philosophies that are important to me; empowerment through education, inclusion, and CARE’s active role in “improving the lives of children of all abilities. I believe the best part of working at CARE is watching the excitement and joy on a child’s face as they accomplish something that they never thought they could. CARE for Children is truly for the child.”Kimberly earned a Masters of Education in Special Education from Edinboro University and a Bachelors of Science in Education in Early Childhood Education from Lock Haven University. She was selected to attend the 2007 Pennsylvania Governors Institute for Early Literacy. She has over ten years experience in Early Childhood programs and began her career at CARE in 2000.Kimberly is involved in many programs at CARE but her main focus is the Rainbow Corner Preschool where she is responsible for the overall programmatic operation, including the implementation and delivery of a curriculum that meets the pre-K standards in all developmental areas and provides the students with the school readiness skills needed for Kindergarten. Kimberly also was instrumental in starting a developmental playgroup at CARE for children between 24 and 42 months of age which focuses on language development, sensory exploration and social skills in a child-initiated play environment.

As a Special Instructor, Kimberly provides therapy for children between the ages of birth to 3 years old with a 25% delay in cognitive or social/emotional development in the child’s natural environment. The therapy is family centered incorporating each family’s strengths, routines, needs and priorities to help the child reach his or her full potential. She is also always willing to help out during the Kid Fitness programs, rec programs, and childcare for family support meetings.

Kimberly resides in Bradford with her husband, son, two dogs and two cats.

Alexis Close, M.Ed.
Preschool Teacher


“Being able to work with and observe children in both the school and home settings gives me an opportunity to become familiar with all of the child’s strengths. Working with children of such a young age, I am able to initiate the life-long learning process, alongside of their parents.”Alexis joined the CARE staff in 2012, believing that many of her personal and professional goals are closely aligned with what CARE for Children stand for and believes in. She received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford in 2008, and her Masters Degree in Early Education from Edinboro University in 2011.Alexis is currently a teacher in Rainbow Corner Preschool, and is coordinating the Developmental Playgroup. She is also working with families of children ages birth to three through the Early Intervention program as a teacher.

Alexis is looking forward to making a lasting impression on the lives of many community members through her work at CARE, and is excited to be part of an organization that offers so many opportunities to children of all abilities.

She resides in Bradford with her husband, son and two daughters.

Barbara McGarry, CDA
Preschool Aide
“I hope my time working with children gives them courage and determination to keep learning, because I learn new things from them everyday. Children will learn if they are encouraged. I am blessed to work with a staff that shares my passion.”Barb began working at CARE during the 2008-2009 school year. She has over ten years experience working in early childhood and school settings.In August, 2011 Barb was awarded the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential in recognition of outstanding work with young children. The Council for Professional Recognition awards such credentials to early childhood educators who demonstrate the ability to constructively work with young children in group settings.

Barb enjoys working at Rainbow Corner because of the great environment, small class sizes, and the preschool’s dedication to making learning fun. She encourages the children in the program and always finds a way to praise them for their efforts and accomplishments. She always has a smile and a positive attitude.

Barb believes that CARE for Children ‘goes above and beyond’ in the services and programs they provide. She also notes that the agency has great kids and a great staff that is like a big, happy family that works together for the good of the children, and their families.

Barb resides in Bradford with her husband and has a son and a daughter.

Jessica Dickinson, Preschool Aide
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