Annual Fund – 2018

Join this year’s annual fund chair,  Norm Strotman, President- Board of Directors — and help CARE for Children engage, empower, and inspire families and ensure children thrive…children like Keegan.

At CARE for Children, we firmly believe that community outreach and family engagement are essential components in providing effective services; and all of our services, together, are important building blocks to help children reach their potential.  Outreach also helps CARE extend its reach to promote the early identification of delays, promote healthy child development, and foster acceptance for people of all abilities.

This year’s annual fund campaign is focusing on CARE’s community outreach services.

For over 94 years CARE for Children has been a leader in providing services for children that are professional, compassionate and life changing.  CARE’s success is due in part to the outstanding support we receive from donors and the community and we hope you will consider a gift to the 2018 Annual Fund.

Why support the 2018 CARE for Children Annual Fund?  Just ask Keegan’s mom, Melissa:

“Our family’s first experience with CARE was in 2015 when Keegan was 3 months old, he began receiving physical therapy from Ann for torticollis.  Kylie, his speech pathologist, started working with him when he first received his Gastronomy Tube (a tube inserted through the abdomen that delivers nutrition directly to the stomach).  She helps with both his speech and feeding issues.  Kylie is a wonderful therapist who never gives up on him, even when he has his bad days.  After his hand surgery Kim (his occupational therapist) has worked on hand mobility.  I have found that his therapists are more than just therapists, they care about Keegan.”

Keegan also participates in the Best Baby Playgroup held at the library each month which is a community program that promotes family engagement and the Toddler Developmental Playgroup held weekly at CARE.  According to Melissa,Keegan loves the Best Baby Playgroup.  It is a secret way to disguise therapy as play.  His speech therapist Kylie works with him and helps him with the activities.  I also think the weekly toddler playgroup at CARE is wonderful!  It is so nice to see him learn and interact with the other ‘kids’ as he says.”

These programs provide a complement to therapy and early learning programs; and help our organization engage families and empower them to be champions for their children’s development.  Your annual fund gift will support these and other outreach programs including social work, family support, disability awareness, developmental screenings, and parent and professional trainings.

Please join me and the CARE Board of Directors in support of the annual fund campaign.  The impact of your gift is immediate, providing much needed funding for these services and ensuring CARE for Children can continue to engage, empower and inspire children and families.


Click here to download and print a 2018 Annual Fund reply form.

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