Annual Fund – 2019

Join CARE for Children and the circle of families and community members who support services for children of all abilities.  We are all stronger together!

As CARE for Children launches the 2019 annual fund campaign the focus is on family support services and how each child’s circle of family, service providers, school, and community enable the child to better integrate therapeutic interventions into everyday life.  By supporting and engaging families of children of all abilities CARE is committed to services that exemplify that we are all “stronger together”.

As a parent of a child who receives services and as a professional advocate for families of children with specialized needs, I understand that it is vitally important that CARE engage the child’s family and caregivers in the process.  Family support services increase family resilience and parents’ ability to advocate, enhance our community’s capacity to include, and provide a powerful way to connect.

CARE’s ability to provide high quality, child-centered and family-focused services is reliant on the generous support of donors and the community, and I ask that you please consider supporting this year’s campaign.

Our family’s first experience with CARE for Children was in 2008 when we received Gavin’s diagnosis, at age 2, of Global Apraxia which effects his speech as well as his fine and gross motor coordination.  I was overwhelmed with so many fears.  Would my child learn to walk, skip and most of all be able to talk, to communicate?  He began receiving physical therapy, occupational therapy and special instruction from CARE and speech from another Early Intervention provider.    The therapists came into our home and helped in more ways than I ever expected.  They gave my family hope.

CARE was our partner in many transitions.  Gavin attended CARE’s toddler developmental playgroup.  The therapists again took his hand in Kindergarten and continue to provide both occupational and physical therapy services in school.  Over the last 11 years, he has participated in so many programs from basketball, to skiing, to Trailblazers Adaptive Team Sports and the summer camps at Pitt-Bradford.  These programs have helped Gavin progress by building his fine and gross motor skills, helping him gain confidence, and encouraging him to work and play with other kids.

As Gavin grew so did his father and I.  We evolved from frightened parents, feeling very much alone, to stalwart advocates for Gavin.  We learned to speak for him when he could not and have encouraged him to find his voice and place as he has grown.  We find strength in the knowledge that our family is part of CARE for Children and a larger network of families, therapists, teachers, the school, and community who work to ensure our children thrive.

Why support the 2019 CARE for Children Annual Fund?  CARE was there for Gavin’s first word, first hop, first ski down the “big” hill, his first goal scored, and I am sure there are still many firsts to come.  As they have partnered with my family to support Gavin, I urge you to join CARE to support the hundreds of children they help each year.  Through your annual fund gift you ensure we are all “stronger together”.


Mrs. Gretchen Daugherty

CARE for Children Parent

Click here to download and print a 2019 Annual Fund reply form.

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