Annual Fund – 2022

Building Connections

Building connections is a great descriptor for the work done every day at CARE for Children.  For therapists, teachers and staff, building and maintaining connections with families and children helps them establish rapport, build positive relationships and better individualize services. 

CARE also works hard to build and maintain connections within our communities, and with supporters, volunteers and donors.  Funds raised through the Annual Fund support inclusion, family support, and extend service beyond a 45-minute session to better meet the needs of families outside the box of prescribed service provision.  Contributions to the annual fund help make these services possible, please consider a gift this year.

CARE’s therapy staff prides themselves on their accessibility and willingness to ensure children who receive services are receiving all needed supports.  A recent example is a three-year-old girl, named Piper, who transitioned out of Early Intervention Services.

Piper was born with a club foot deformity in both feet and received surgery shortly after birth.  In addition to EI Physical Therapy to treat club foot and help her to walk, she received therapy for torticollis.  In many instances these conditions result in additional developmental delays which impede the child from reaching important milestones.  To ensure Piper was on track, she also received Speech-Language Services, Special Instruction, and Occupational Therapy from CARE.

Recently, Piper needed an additional corrective surgery at Shriners Hospital, Erie, PA.  The hospital recommended that Piper receive post-operative outpatient therapy to work on strengthening the muscles and muscle alignment.  Her parents contacted Dana Pence, PT, who provided Piper’s EI therapy, to help set up outpatient services at the Ashley Booth Griffin CARE for Children Center. 

Our organization is pleased to offer these specialized, pediatric therapy services which are funded by your donations, so there is never any charge to families.  Other free services include family support, wheelchair and adaptive equipment fittings, therapeutic recreation, and a special assistance fund to help with travel to medical visits, adaptive equipment like ramps or specialized strollers, and emergency food and clothing.

Your gift to this year’s annual campaign will ensure that children like Piper receive the help they need and that CARE continues to build long-lasting connections with families and children we serve.  Thank you again for your support.


Tyler R. Hannah, President, Board of Directors


Download and print a 2022 Annual Fund reply form.


Piper’s outpatient physical therapy at the Ashley Booth Griffin CARE for Children Center with Dana Pence, PT.

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