Annual Fund – 2017

Join this year’s annual fund chairs:  Karen Gelston, President- Board of Directors and Norm Strotman, Vice President- Board of Directors– and help ensure children have the opportunity to learn and thrive…children like Carmen and Carter.

This year’s annual fund highlights CARE for Children’s Early Childhood Programs which further children’s ability to learn, prepare for school and eventually become successful adults.  Evidence shows that in early childhood, those years from birth to age 5, the brain develops more rapidly than in any other time period.

CARE’s Early Intervention program, for children birth to three, ensures the early identification and treatment of developmental issues and CARE’s early childhood education programs, 24 months to age 5, focus on the whole child’s development in an inclusive environment.  Both programs are evidence-based, innovative, high quality, address social-emotional and self-help skills and most importantly, foster each child’s critical development.

 Your support is extremely important because it provides funding which makes an immediate impact on CARE’s early learning programs and for all of the organization’s programs including therapy services and community outreach services like family support, therapeutic recreation and child safety.

At the root of all these programs is the idea that ‘It is Never too Early to Begin Learning’ and a great example of this is–brothers, Carmen and Carter, age 4 and 3…

As toddlers both Carmen and Carter received special instruction in their home from Kimberly Engstrom, M.Ed., CARE special instructor and preschool director.  The boys’ mom, Blair, credits those services with improving their language and communication skills and raising the boys’ comfort level with other people.  “Kimberly really pushed them both to learn and interact, and always encouraged them to do better.  I was involved with every session and she helped me to help them,” said Blair.

Carmen and Carter were ready for preschool because they first received Early Intervention services to address language deficits.  Carmen transitioned to CARE’s preschool program at age three where he continued to work on language and communication, play and self-help skills.  For the 2016-2017 school year, he was joined in class by little brother Carter.  According to Blair, “Preschool has pushed both of my boys to try harder and to be excited about learning new things!”

CARE has talented teachers/special instructors and support staff who work to create an engaging learning environment, whether in the home or in a classroom, where children flourish and parents are empowered to be their child’s first and best teachers.

Studies show that investing in early learning programs now will save us much in the future.  Children who attend quality preschool programs are more likely to graduate from high school; more likely to own their own homes; have longer marriages; are less likely to repeat grades; and are less likely to become chronic lawbreakers.

“The children who attend preschool are next in line to improve our small town, our communities.  Early learning brings out the kindness, and teaches politeness, creativity and how to be a friend.  It helps children develop a love of learning,” said Blair.

Please join us in supporting the 2017 annual fund campaign and help CARE reach this year’s goal of $36,000.  Your gift will help ensure that children of all abilities have the opportunity to learn andthrive – children just like Carmen and Carter.

Click here to download and print a 2017 Annual Fund reply form.

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